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It is Louis De Jaeger’s greatest passion to be in the midst of the action. With a great hunger for knowledge, he searches for interesting stories, captivating people, and wondrous wisdom.

Louis’ goal is to be a superspreader of regeneration and he gladly shares it through moving images.

Currently, he is producing Eat More Trees, a Netflix-style feature documentary about how food forests can save humanity.

Recently, he filmed a documentary series about food forests in Belgium, showcased on national television.

An award-winning documentary: FoodForest

A reportage on subtropical food forests in Tenerife

A reportage featuring Saartje Vandendriessche: Saar&Louis in the food forest

A reportage on agroecology and permaculture in Belgium

Eat More trees (documentary)

Trailer: Food Forest (award-wining documentary)

Louis De Jaeger on tv

Louis De Jaeger was a guest on the show “The Kitchen Table” on Kanaal Z, hosted by Frank Fol and Ilse De Vis. 

Louis De Jaeger talks about the future of agriculture along with Francesca Vanthielen on Kanaal Z

Louis De Jaeger visits Geoff Lawton’s Greening the desert project in Jordan.

Louis De Jaeger discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse region around Alicante in Spain.

Louis De Jaeger investigates the water issues and food forest possibilities on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain in this series of reports.

Louis De Jaeger in the Parliament & commission


Growing biodynamic grapes


All about the mulberry and pawpaw

@De Mulberry

All about berries

@De Kruisbes Proeftuin

...and much more


veranderaars verdienen het woord

Louis De Jaeger doet niets liever dan wereldverbeteraars introduceren aan het grote publiek. Met een vleugje humor en een kritische


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