louis de jaeger


Eco-entrepreneur Louis De Jaeger has travelled the world for five years. During his travels he encountered various global issues, ranging from the decline of nature to malnutrition.

Desperate to find solutions, he discovered a passion for regeneration. He immersed himself in natural agriculture, landscaping, regenerative entrepreneurship and transportation.

Back in Belgium, he founded various companies, organizations and campaigns to have the greatest possible positive impact in the world.

Now he wants to inspire and help as many people as possible to do the same!


Over the last years, Louis De Jaeger has launched various initiatives, campaigns, working groups, trainings and projects for himself and for others. His greatest passion is to initiate positive change and bringing the right people together to achieve a shared vision.

His sense of action helps people determine strategies in various areas: public image, communication, press, events, raising awareness, create campaigns, inspire and much more.


Louis De Jaeger is a much sought-after speaker . From motivational speeches for entrepreneurs (Exponential Academy, Artevelde Highschool, Howest) to inspiring business leaders (VOKA). To provoke debates (VELT, VENECO, HoGent) to the passionate transfer of knowledge (Flemish Parliament, European Commission).

His keynote speeches focus on the future of agriculture, food, food forests, agroecology, permaculture, society, entrepreneurship that stand the test of time and life.

He has spoken before various audiences in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria and Greece.



Louis De Jaeger loves to put pen to paper and share his visions with the world. He writes opinions for Knack, De Standaard, De Morgen, Weekend Knack, MO Magazine, Oase and various blogs.

He has currently written two books. His non-fiction debut on his personal quest for the future of agriculture. To do this, he travelled the world, interviewing and visiting more than 60 farmers, teachers and others in the field: Planet to Plate.

His second book is a 1.5kg bible on everything about food forests: Design your own food forest.

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